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At Agape, my main focus is intensive counseling. Intensive counseling grew out of my frustration with the limits of an hour long session.  What I found is that the work would start, I would get to a very important therapeutic place and then suddenly have to end the session.  Intensive sessions allow me more time to work through major crisis situations and trauma that clients may be grappling with. Clients find they are able to make deeper connections and they have more time to process what they are going through with longer sessions. 

For more details about the different intensive sessions, please contact our office. My administrative assistant would be happy to go over pricing, availability and arrangements for the different sessions offered. 



Standard Intensive Counseling

These sessions are 2 to 4 hours long and are offered weekly or biweekly. A waitlist is offered when no recurring slots are available.


Weeklong Intensive Counseling

Weeklong intensives involve one on one sessions with me for up to 30 hours. These sessions would need to be booked in advance so I can rearrange my schedule accordingly. Depending on what state you live in, I am also available to travel and provide weeklong sessions outside of Florida.


Weekend Teaching Intensives

Weekend Intensives occur on a quarterly basis and are for small groups of people struggling with a specific topic.  These sessions start on a Friday evening and continue through Sunday afternoon.  They are centered around a therapeutic topic such as anxiety, addiction, story workshop, trauma etc.


50 Minute Sessions

I offer a limited amount of 50 minute sessions for those who are unable to do intensives. Please contact my administrative assistant to inquire about availability. 

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