Our Services

Agape Counseling Center is committed to providing a nurturing, caring environment. At Agape Counseling Center, we treat a variety of different therapeutic areas and issues which include the following:

Trauma and Abuse – It has been said that time heals all wounds, but here at Agape Counseling Center we believe that God, not time, holds the key to healing all wounds. Painful circumstances as well as wounds (left unattended) result in emotional anguish and ongoing painful suffering. This suffering is not limited to current circumstances but also wounds from past events which hinder us from moving forward and walking in wholeness and abundance.

Mental and Emotional suffering includes frightening thoughts and painful feelings. These thoughts and feelings are the mind’s response to injury. Mental pain can produce behavior and reactions such as intense fear or helplessness, sense of despair and hopelessness, withdrawal or detachment, lack of concentration, irritability, sleep disturbance, aggression, hyper vigilance (watching for more distressing events), flashbacks (sense that event is reoccurring), depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and so much more.

Marriage and Family – Do you feel like you are losing your family bond? Is communication becoming more and more difficult or perhaps non-existent? Is there an unusual amount of conflict? Is there unresolved conflict that is driving a wedge between your relationships? Has there been a breakdown in trust? A betrayal? Are you feeling out of control? Afraid that you or your spouse are falling out of love? Are you finding it more and more difficult to manage your daily stresses? Do you find yourself withdrawing or isolating from your family? Your family relationships can be repaired. There is hope.

Grief and Loss – Losses, if left unattended, can significantly impact our emotional well-being. With each loss, grieving is a necessary process. Death. Relationships. Finances. Employment. Unfulfilled dreams. Health. Home life.

Depression and Anxiety – Occasional bouts of sadness are common for everyone; however, when those feelings of sadness don’t go away, feelings of hopelessness and despair set in. There are ANSWERS and there is HOPE!

Types of Therapy

There are several different options for therapy. What type of therapy is the best fit for you?

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy is a focused approach to therapy. The benefit of individual therapy is the specific attention you receive on the issue you are working through.

Couples Therapy
In Couples therapy you and your spouse will have the opportunity to meet with a therapist in order to work on your relationship. The benefit of meeting with a therapist as a couple is your counselor will be able to help you to reduce the tension in your relationship while facilitating communication and intimacy between the two of you.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy gives you the opportunity to work on the family dynamic as a whole. The benefit you will receive is that your counselor will be able to identify the negative cycle in your family and help you construct new positive interactions.

Video Conference Therapy
There are times when you are not able to make it to one of our two locations because you live out of the area. In those situations, Video Conference Therapy is available. The benefit is getting a quality counselor trained on how to deal with your issue that can come into your living room.

Group Therapy
In group counseling, you have the opportunity to meet with other individuals who are struggling with the same issue you are facing (for example, sexual struggles). The advantage of group counseling is hearing other peoples’ stories and perspectives as you work through the same issue. It is powerful to watch other people work through an issue and heal right in front of you.

If you are ready to start your journey towards healing, please contact us today.